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Auto Insurance Companies

With over 160 reputable auto insurance companies and hundreds more that are yet to break in to the market, a vehicle owner will most certainly have their hands full trying to sort through this massive pile of options.  What’s worse still is that all of the companies, listed and unlisted, offer different services and insurance packages making it difficult to pick the best option from the bunch. With all of the other things we need to do on our minds, it may be tempting to just randomly pick one from the bunch.


The process of picking the right insurer is not so much difficult as it is time consuming. Taking the time to consider various auto insurance quotes requires a lot of patience so that when all is said and done, you end up with a company  that genuinely has your best interests in mind. Unfortunately, there are companies on the market who are only looking to profit from customers, not offer financial assistance in the event of an accident. These companies will offer you a very low monthly rate, but in the event of an accident you will be largely on your own to cover the expenses.


It is important to carefully research potential insurers and find out everything you can about them. Many reviews can be found online, offering you a look in to what other people have experienced with the company.  It is also a good idea to call and speak with an agent so that  you can find out how the company would handle your specific concerns. If possible, stop by a local branch to evaluate the customer service.


If you want to dig even deeper, one could even visit auto repair shops to ask for recommendations.  Another resource to check would be with your state’s insurance regulatory department. This will let you know if any complaints have been filed against the company.

What Should I Look For in an Insurance Company?

Well for a start, some of the best car insurance companies have the least amount of bravado. These companies let their reputation speak for them, and quietly but confidently offer comprehensive insurance coverage, second to none customer service, financial strength, and an experience that puts customers at ease. Here at Body-Borneman, we take pride in creating peace of mind for our customers.


On the other hand, it is still always wise to ask questions. In fact, you should ask as many questions as you can think of. After all, this is an investment for your overall safety and well-being. Since this is your hard-earned money being spent, you should never sign up unless you are 100% clear and satisfied with what you are being offered.


Some of the questions you should ask might include:


  • What are your policies on personal injuries?
  • Could my family or any third party be covered too with family plans if any are available?
  • Do you offer special discounts?
  • What does my personal risk assessment look like?
  • What are my payment options?
  • What is my deductible?
  •  Will I be covered in the event of natural disasters?
  • What happens if I’m involved in an accident and the other driver is wrong but isn’t insured?
  • Do I need extra protection if my vehicle has known issues?


There are three main questions however, that one simply must raise when shopping around:


  • How much coverage is your company willing to offer me in the event of an accident? Have the insurance agent be specific and pay attention to any gaps or loopholes.
  • How reliable is your customer service?  Can I easily reach a claims professional who is willing and able to fight for me when I really need one?
  • Why should I trust you? How reliable are you in terms of keeping promises?


Don’t feel as though you are being a pest with the numerous questions. After all, insurance, whether auto or home insurance, is a necessary service that you must purchase. Browsing over the fine print will only lead to you falling victim to the gaps and loopholes when you try to make a claim.

Don’t Fall into the Low Price Traps

They say less is more, but in the case of finding a good insurer, sometimes more is more. Although many of us live on budgets with money being a difficult commodity to part with, sometimes going the cheaper route for auto insurance might just land you in serious financial distress in the long run. A car accident can result in drivers paying thousands out of their own pockets for damages, replacements and even medical costs.


Auto insurance is available in a wide variety of price ranges. The amount you pay will depend on many factors including your age, your car’s age, your car’s type, where you live and your driving experience. Looking at the importance of auto insurance, it is no surprise that many drivers opt to pay more money to auto insurance companies up front in order to secure the best coverage in the event of an accident. Be wary of any company that offers an unusually low rate as these companies will likely not offer much assistance in the event of an accident.

Should I use an Agent or Should I Buy Insurance Myself?

As was mentioned earlier, shopping for insurance can be a daunting task, especially if you are a first time buyer.  For this reason, you must think carefully about the amount of time and resources needed to shop for the best and most reliable auto insurance company.


If you have determined that you can indeed go it alone then the infinite world that is the World Wide Web is right there at the click of a mouse. Listening to television and radio ads can also help guide your search. Searching independently is also the cheapest option when researching auto insurance companies. It is important to note that if you have any uncertainties and you buy a policy without an agent, this could result in you buying too much or too little insurance, or the wrong kind altogether.


However, if you believe that the task is too big to take on, then an agent is highly recommended.


If you do decide to use an agent, then it is best to know the different kinds of agents available:


All agents aren’t created equal. Some are “captive,” meaning they sell car insurance for only one company. Others are “independent,” meaning they can sell car insurance for multiple companies.


Captive agents

These agents represent and sell for only one particular brand and are therefore the best choice if you have a particular brand of insurance that you have decided to stick with. These agents know everything there is to know about their brand and will help you find coverage that is tailor made to suit you. Seeing that they hardly work on commission, they are more than likely to be more attentive to you and truly cater to your needs and concerns.


Independent agents

If you prefer to have your options open and you are also looking to cover as much ground as possible, then an independent agent is the way to go. These are the agents that seemingly find all the best deals. However, they might not necessarily give you as much attention as the captive agent. This is because independents usually work on commission and it is their main goal to get as many clients as possible and “seal the deal.” Since independents do not work exclusively for one brand of insurance, if your rates go up with your current insurer, an independent agent will typically work with you to find a lower rate.

The Companies Need You Just as Much as You Need Them!

Even the biggest insurance companies fight tooth and nail to spend the most money in advertisements. Why? So that they can potentially reach new customers. These companies invest billions of dollars promising to be the lowest, most reliable insurers with all clients at heart, but don’t be fooled by the fast sell. In the end, clients bring in the money so take as much time as you need to ensure that when you do pick one out of the many, you would have made the best decision.


Take a moment to contact Body-Borneman today so that we may help you in determining the right auto insurance policy for your needs. Our agents have been working hard to provide a superior level of customer service since 1962. We make it a priority to be experts in the industry so that all of our clients are well-informed and have exactly the coverage they need. Take advantage of our expertise and contact an agent today.