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Classic Car Insurance

Vehicle Owners who have a taste for cars that fit into the range of “Classic Cars”, from the word GO, know that finding insurance for such vehicles is a tender and sometimes tricky process. Classic Car Insurance is not your typical kind of auto insurance because its purpose is to provide coverage for either specifically designed and modified cars or more commonly, vintage cars that are hardly ever used but are priceless nevertheless.


The collector of classic cars must fit the criteria of a number of specifications in order to get the policies that will be perfect for them and their vehicle(s). Many auto insurance companies will offer collectors’ insurance but not all; as any insurer taking on such responsibilities will tell you, these cars are considered to be high risk assets.


Nonetheless, choosing a trustworthy and dependable insurer is a task that collectors must undertake carefully and vigilantly, as cars in this bracket are well renowned for being especially valuable and highly priced. As daunting as it might seem to pick the right insurer, it is vital to do so as soon as possible because most of these vehicles are either difficult and costly to repair or simply irreplaceable. Classic car insurance coverage that enables you to receive compensation or much needed financial assistance in the event of any form of damage or theft is a pricey but extremely necessary investment.

What is the Criteria for Classic Car Insurance?
  • The usage of the car(s) is very important. Qualification demands that the vehicle should not be used as your primary vehicle and will be turned down, no matter how rare or antique it may be, if it is used as your primary vehicle. Allowances for eligibility will be made for occasional usage but daily usage is not acceptable. To ensure that this is adhered to, limited mileage of 5000 miles annually is placed in the policy for the classic car vehicles. Consideration will be given to classic car owners who specifically use their vehicles during certain events. Whilst some insurers may allow this, other insurers will strictly forbid the use of such cars for commercial events.
  • The age of the car(s) is another important factor. Whilst there are some exceptions to the age limits with some insurers offering classic car coverage to cars considered to be extremely rare or exotic, most insurers will not offer the coverage unless the vehicle is at least 15 years or older. In some states, that car’s age limit is pushed back even further with a minimum of 25 years.
  • The type of vehicle dictates whether it qualifies as a classic car or not. There are three categories that are put in place to determine qualification and your car must fall under one. These categories are “Veterans” which covers cars manufactured on or before December 1904, “Edwardian” which covers vehicles manufactured between January 1905 and December 1918 and finally “Limited” which describes vehicles that are rare with limited editions
  • Insurers for these cars have extremely strict storage requirements for classic car owners to follow. Perhaps the biggest no no is parking your car outside your home. Cars must be stored inside of highly secure garages or specifically designed car storage facilities. One should not be surprised if insurers insist upon cars and or car collections be stored in such facilities before qualification is granted.
  • This one might sound unfair but for most insurers, qualification depends on the age of the driver/classic car owner. Different insurers will all have different age limits, however, drivers must be at a “mature” age to be eligible. The reason behind this is that the driving experience of the drivers must be somewhat “vintage as well”

As stated earlier, classic car insurance is not your average car insurance, however, there are still some of the common factors that insurers will base your eligibility on, namely gender and driving record. Body-Borneman insurance agents are here to talk to you and explain the special qualifications surrounding this unique type of insurance.

What Should I Look for from an Insurer?

When seeking to purchase classic car insurance, it is always best to ask many questions because after all, you are seeking coverage and protection for at least one of, if not your only, prized possessions.


Some of the questions one must ask should include; How much coverage is offered? What are the insurance company’s ratings like? What is the deductible? It is also vital that the policy and the quote that you receive is reviewed thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. One might also consider asking around to hear the reviews of other customers of whichever insurance company you are considering.


Our insurance company, Body- Borneman Insurance, offers second to none rates and options. We promise customer service that will remove the hassle and stress that typically comes along with sifting through the masses in order to find the right insurer. With our company’s four locations in Pennsylvania, convenience and superior service is never far away.


If you are not sure where to turn, what to look out for and what questions to ask, there is no need to fret as Body-Borneman and our long list of reputable companies that we work with will do all the hard work, giving you the peace of mind knowing that the end result will be tailor made to suit you. We know how to talk the car talk, ask all the right questions and speak the same language that the average classic car owner might not be privy to.


At Body-Borneman, you will be guided carefully towards choosing the best options for you to receive the right coverage that will suit the needs of you and your car(s). Our company guarantees great payment plans in case the worst comes to pass. With the value hanging over most if not all classic cars, this is one benefit that you will most certainly want.


As with any other type of insurance, it is always wise to take your time and do all the necessary research before signing up with any insurer. Searching may be tedious but like they say, patience is indeed a virtue as the benefits of having a reliable insurance company at your back will be highly beneficial to you in the long run. Start you search at Body-Borneman today, and experience for yourself how easy purchasing classic car insurance can be.