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Body Borneman’s Disability Insurance Policy


Disability insurance is a form of insurance which provides coverage to the beneficiary, as a result of being injured or having an illness or condition, which create a barrier on being able to complete work functions effectively. Many individuals do not realize the significance of having disability insurance. There are a vast number of persons who live from paycheck to paycheck every month and have expenses which they need to take care of in order for everyone in the family to live comfortably. Being injured on the job can happen to anyone at any given moment. Accidents happen all the time. No individual has total control of when an accident might happen which may hinder him or her from being able to return to work. This is why the disability insurance provides coverage in order to earn a disability income, so that one can have a relaxing piece of mind, knowing that he or she is still able to manage bill payments, even while recuperating at home. Also, knowing that the dependents of the family are well taken care of during these risky times will enable the affected person to recover peaceably.


Body Borneman is a reputable insurance company which offers a disability insurance plan. From their inception since in 1962 in the state of Pennsylvania, they have served over 17,000 customers in providing them with the best quality insurance policies. They regard disability insurance as being of utmost importance because it will save a person and their family members a huge amount of stress. When an individual is living from paycheck to paycheck, it can be very challenging. He or she needs to consistently try and keep up with everyday living expenses and bills. Being the one of the family’s financial supporters or the main breadwinner denies this person the opportunity to continue on the job, due to an injury which he or she acquired. To the staff at Body Borneman, they believe that policy benefits the disabled and their family. They have included this life disability insurance to customers, knowing that receiving a disability income will help the family adequately meet their life’s obligations.


When insured for disability, the policy holder will receive a weekly or monthly payout to help meet life’s demands while being unemployed. This type of insurance covers accidents and illnesses. However, the longer period of time in which disability insurance is required, the higher the premium could possibly be. Many persons do not come to the realization of how beneficial this insurance coverage can be, in the event that something happens to them or their family. Without this type of insurance care, persons may suffer from a great loss of income. Unfortunately, neglecting to purchase the disability life insurance will not only prevent policy holders from receiving funds to cover personal expenses, but will leave the able spouse to handle the stress of obtaining extra funds to pay the bills and to take care of the children. Disability insurance takes care of amount of money which an individual makes within the time period in which he or she cannot return to work. As mentioned before, the premium is based off the injury or illness, as well as the length of time one spends at home recuperating. This insurance is not typically offered by an employer. Any person who requires life disability insurance needs to purchase it from an insurance company. The injury or illness sustained does not have to be due to the workplace. It can also be for any illness or injury which happens outside of the place of employment.


Workman’s compensation, on the other hand, is a compulsory type of insurance generated by many businesses. Workers’ comp insurance covers the medical costs and a portion of lost wages for an employee who becomes injured or ill or may suffer a disability while working on the job. When a person is injured inside of the workplace, they are entitled to workman’s compensation. This will cover a person when he or she is out of the work compound recovering. Nevertheless, this may not always be a situation to rely on, because it can only be of a worthwhile benefit to the individual if the company offers it and if the related injury or disability was suffered while at the workplace. Unfortunately, some companies will try to fight against their workers’ claims.  They want to be so careful that it is not held against them and they will not be accountable to pay their employee while they are out of work. Thus, the injury spoken of might happen in an accident. This can result from falling off a ladder. Perhaps the work-related injury or disease could be something that happened over time. For example, one might not think a back pain is connected with the job because this individual did not have an accident but the pain continues to persist from time to time. The back pain could be as a result of lifting an object at work, or a twisting movement done over and over, according to the type of work performed. Furthermore, the illness suffered can be of a psychological nature. A person can suffer a mental breakdown due to stress factors inherited in the workplace. No one chooses which type of illness which can occur. As long as the injury or illness is work-related, one should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Body Borneman’s staff will ensure that the necessary steps are taken in order to provide a sense of relief and surety of payment to the policy holder, in the most efficient and trusted way.



To add to the above information, there are two other aspects of this type of insurance plan to be noted. These are social security disability insurance (SSD OR SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI). The main difference between social security disability and the supplemental security income is the fact that the social security disability insurance is available to workers who have accumulated a sufficient number of work credits, whereas the supplemental security income disability benefits are available to low-income individuals. The latter relates to persons who have either never worked or who have not earned enough work credits to qualify for social security disability insurance.


While many people are not able to distinguish between SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), they are two completely different governmental programs. While both programs are overseen and managed by the Social Security Administration in the United States, and medical eligibility is determined in the same manner for both disability programs, there are distinct differences between the two. Here is some more information:


Social Security Disability Insurance is funded through payroll taxes. SSDI recipients are considered to be insured because they have worked for a certain number of years. They have also made contributions to the Social Security trust fund in the form of Social Security taxes. SSDI candidates must be younger than 65 and have earned a certain number of “work credits.” After receiving SSDI for two years, a disabled person will become eligible for Medicare. Under the social security disability insurance, a disabled person’s spouse and children are dependents who are eligible to receive partial dependent benefits, called auxiliary benefits. However, only adults over the age of 18 can receive the SSDI disability benefits.


Supplemental Security Income is a program that is precisely based on needs, according to income and assets of an individual, and is funded by general fund taxes. SSI is also referred to as a “means-tested program,” which means that it has nothing to do with work history, but which considers financial need. To meet the SSI income requirements, you must have a very limited income and not a substantial monetary value for assets owned. Disabled people who are eligible under the income requirements for SSI are also able to receive Medicaid in the state they reside in. Most people who qualify for SSI will also qualify for food stamps and so on. The amount an eligible person will receive is dependent on where they live and the amount of regular, monthly income they own. SSI benefits usually begins on the first of the month when the application is first submitted.


Body Borneman has experts who can take their customers through the application process of getting disability life insurance. They will guide their customers accordingly and offer sound advice, so that they will leave happy knowing that they have made the right decision. Accidents, injury and illness do occur at any time. No one can calculate the serious extent of the nature of their injury when it happens. The best way to be secure and financial competent, is to consider disability insurance. However, be careful of the perks that employers will do so as to not pay what is rightfully due as a result of injury suffered. Let Body Borneman stand with you in these unfortunate times, to ensure that the coverage needed is adequately provided. Make a wise decision to seek this policy from Body Borneman. Once you have done so, you will never regret the choice made to adequately provide financial support to self and to immediate family. The company’s staff are dependable, trustworthy and dedicated, among possessing other attributes, in providing you with quality disability coverage which they offer. Give them a call or prioritize some time to visit the office in Pennsylvania. Free confident that making the family live comfortably is provided not only through moral, emotional or social support, but is equally provided through financial support. Make that bold step. Think of self and loved ones. Think of the disability insurance plan. Think Body Borneman.