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As an independent insurance agency, personal lines is an important part of the products

and services we provide to our clients. We have the privilege of servicing over 12,000 personal lines policyholders. Our agency’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of these clients, providing the safety & security that is required to protect their personal possessions and the income flows of their families. The insurance carriers we represent are among the best and share our desire & commitment in servicing your financial needs. These carriers all have A (excellent) ratings by A.M. Best, a sign of financial strength and the ability to pay claims. Our clients can be assured that the carriers we represent are fiscally responsible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients in any claim situation.  Go to the page

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At Body-Borneman, we know that our clients have more than automobiles and homes

to protect. That’s why we organized our life and benefits department back in 1962. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping customers to protect their health, incomes and savings from the risk of financial loss, including: We pride ourselves in the abundance of products and services we have available to meet your insurance needs. We are staffed with professional agents at all 3 of our locations, who can assist you with any insurance need you have .  Go to the page

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Body-Borneman specializes in Commercial insurance, with over 2,000 clients

Regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, wholesaling, contracting, retailing or service, we can find and tailor a program to match your needs, whether through traditional insurance products – or more creative, self-insurance captive programs As an independent agency, Body-Borneman represents a large assortment of today’s most competitive carriers for many industries. Having ready access to these markets makes us uniquely qualified to tailor to your specifications a package of protection.  Go to the page
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Body Borneman’s Health Insurance Services

Like many other commitments in life, visiting the doctor these days can be quite expensive. Everyone wants to know that they are doing fine. However, even though there are many uncertainties in life, we can likely expect to need to make a trip to the doctor at some point in time . Medical bill expenses are at a rising cost. Emergency doctor visits can be very challenging when one has little or no funds to cover the cost. Getting the treatment for an unexpected illness can seem like an impossible task. Funds are minimal. Imagine having to get $25,000 for a tumor surgery overseas or for chemotherapy with no means of financial support. Everything seems hopeless. However, this should not be the case.

Health Insurance

Look no further! Body-Borneman is a reputable insurance company which has served over 17, 000 customers. We are located in the state of Pennsylvania. Our staff at Body-Borneman are experts at providing the best insurance coverage to suit every individual, family or business needs. Our staff works hard to provide our customers with the best advice on the preferred protection and to uphold a solid commitment to offering affordable coverage which will make every policy holder feel satisfied. Affording health coverage at a time like this should not be out of reach. This is why Body-Borneman has made a resounding effort from its inception in 1962 and beyond, to offer policy holders health insurance protection, in the event of an emergency or regular visits to any health care facilities. Understanding each available option has now been made easier with Body-Borneman’s wide range of services.


This type of insurance is one of the fastest growing type of insurance policies in the world. Good health care has become essential to our daily lives by helping to increase our chances at a long, healthy life. Health care insurance is very significant and beneficial to individuals, whole families and business groups. Should you find yourself ill or staying in the hospital, having an adequate health insurance policy in place will keep your mind on healing, not your rising medical bills. It is for this reason that obtaining health insurance should be seen as a priority. Most doctors require people to pay upfront, and for many people this may be difficult to do. Even routine check-ups can be expensive when paid entirely out of pocket. With health insurance, Body-Borneman assures you that they will cover part of the cost of the medical expenses.


Below are a few guidelines in finding the right health care protection that will best suit your needs:


  • Review insurance companies on the market and prepare a list of questions which you would like to have answered. Do the same with Body-Borneman. This will help to identify the policies and rates of each different company as well as those of Body-Borneman. Surely, Body-Borneman will outweigh all the options and assiduously work towards making their health care service affordable, as compared to the others.


  • Don’t be in too much of a hurry. With all of the different options available to you, really considering the options and the cost of each plan is necessary. There would be nothing worse than purchasing health insurance from a company that can’t adequately satisfy your wants and needs.


  • Have a budget in mind that you can comfortably afford, but don’t let it completely deter you from purchasing the health insurance you feel you need most. Remember that health insurance will likely end up saving you money in the long run. It might be wise to review your budget and consider cutting costs elsewhere instead of sacrificing adequate health insurance coverage.


Many people choose not to research health insurance and opt to simply sign up for a plan through their employer.  A group health insurance plan is a key component of many employee benefits packages that employers may provide for employees and their families. These businesses offer health insurance policies through a separate health insurance company. Employees often take up the task of enrolling in the insurance company which is linked to the workplace. Many employers have realized that healthy workers show an increase in productivity and are able to function at their best for organizational and personal growth. These companies are aware that helping employees to maintain a healthy life is not only good for the employee, but for the company as well. However, these companies may not be offering what may best fit you and your family to have you medically secure. As a result of any illness or injury, the company makes a partial payment of the medical expenses to be covered.

Health Insurance

If you feel that you have not sufficiently obtained the required benefits of the insurance plan offered to employees, there is no need to worry. Here at Body-Borneman we are willing to go the extra mile to look out for persons’ needs. We have unsurpassed expertise in helping any individual to find health insurance carriers from which to choose.  We seek to custom design the best plan for you, your family or your organization. Our job is to explain the options, share the choices, and then create a quote based on your needs. Body-Borneman can identify the medical coverage which your place of employment offers. You have the option to go through with purchasing insurance from your work, but a lot of the time, the coverage is not what you need or expect it to be. Sometimes, these plans are less costly than those you may find on your own, but Body-Borneman’s staff will be sure to inform you if using your employer’s insurance is the most affordable route for you or your family. Although the premium may be lower, don’t forget to consider what you will be expected to cover out of pocket in the event of an emergency. Make the wise decision to get quotes from other insurance companies as well as from Body-Borneman. Our staff at Body-Borneman will actively compare their coverage plans to that of other companies. In this way, you will gain considerable knowledge of the options available to you, all while receiving exceptional customer service.


When enrolling in medical insurance, consider these points:


When requesting quotes from Body-Borneman, you should be aware that our insurance agency will ask questions so as to find a perfect match for your health insurance needs. We need this information in order to give an accurate quote. Below is a list of information that our staff will need to know in order to supply you with the best option for you or your family:


  • Your gender. Females may pay a higher premium for long-term care insurance due to life-expectancy statistics.
  • Whether or not you have any chemical dependencies and are a smoker. Tobacco users pay higher rates due to the increased risk of coming down with disease and illnesses from substance abuse and tobacco.
  • The higher your body mass, the more you could end up paying. People with a higher BMI are more likely to be unhealthy and are therefore a higher risk to insure.
  • Your age is an obvious factor. The older you are the more medical attention you will typically need.
  • Your family’s medical history affects the premium. Many diseases and conditions are hereditary. It is important to be aware that this may raise the premium on the health insurance plan you choose.


Finally, please feel free to visit or call Body-Borneman insurance company where we will provide you with remarkable service concerning your health insurance needs. We have a substantial number of expert agents who will guide you through the process of enrolling for medical insurance for you and your family. Do not hesitate. Take the opportunity to apply for medical coverage from Body-Borneman. We will see to it that your needs are met in the best possible way, leaveing you and your family with a relaxing peace of mind. Visit our office or call to request the information that you need. Remember, do not be overwhelmed by medical expenses. Choose Body-Borneman. Choose good health.