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and services we provide to our clients. We have the privilege of servicing over 12,000 personal lines policyholders. Our agency’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of these clients, providing the safety & security that is required to protect their personal possessions and the income flows of their families. The insurance carriers we represent are among the best and share our desire & commitment in servicing your financial needs. These carriers all have A (excellent) ratings by A.M. Best, a sign of financial strength and the ability to pay claims. Our clients can be assured that the carriers we represent are fiscally responsible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients in any claim situation.  Go to the page

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Body-Borneman specializes in Commercial insurance, with over 2,000 clients

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Welcome and thank you for choosing Body-Borneman for your insurance needs. You will find, as have clients from our over seventeen thousand (17000) client base have found, that in our fifty four (54) years of operations, we have always put client’s needs and care first. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, providing value to our customers, low costs and customer retention is second to none. Established in 1962, our staff of now over forty (40) is well equipped to handle any and all your insurance needs. We boast special in-house niche services, providing a dedicated claims department, bond department and the ever valuable risk management department. We have 4 branch offices in the state of Pennsylvania, at 230 E. Schyulkill rd. Pottstown, at 1389 East Boot rd. West Chester, at 400 Franklyn Av. Phoenixville and our main, state of the art head office at 17 E. Philadelphia Av. Boyertown. We are also licensed to operate in numerous other states including Arizona, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, California, Maryland, Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico, Indiana, Texas, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois and Massachusetts. We are the leaders in many different insurance specialties including home insurance, auto insurance, including both commercial auto insurance and private auto insurance, and business commercial insurance, including commercial property insurance. Contact us at any one of our locations to speak to a Body-Borneman Insurance agent to start getting the coverage you need at the lowest costs.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance or errors and omissions all refer to the same concept. It is insurance for professional advice and service givers, such as doctors, lawyers, consultants, contractors, accountants and real estate brokers against liability or lawsuits incurred as a result of errors, omissions or poor practices in performing their professional services. The majority of professional liability policies cover only economic or financial losses suffered, as physical damage or harm would be covered by separate policies. Professional liability insurance protects professionals who are in the business of giving advice or providing an expert service against claims of negligence. Professional liability insurance is required by law for several professionals such as lawyers, people in the medical profession and accountants. The first professional liability policies date back to the invention of the automobile.

Types of Professional Liability Insurance
  • Accountants Professional Liability Insurance- This is coverage for professionals in the field of accounting to protect against lawsuits relating to losses incurred from poor accounting services rendered by the firm. Typically, criminal acts, intentional acts and fraud are not covered
  • Architects and Engineers Liability Coverage- Designed for professionals in the field of construction and architecture, this protects from lawsuits related to errors and omissions in their design work. Faulty building or construction work on projects is not covered.
  • Lawyers Professional Liability Coverage- this is lawyer’s liability coverage against lawsuits resulting from negligent legal work, resulting in financial or economic loss to a client. Lawyer’s professional liability is often offered by state bar associations.
  • Medical malpractice Insurance- Insurance coverage for those in the field of medicine, against lawsuits involving negligence or malpractice. Typically encompassing hospital professional liability (HPL) insurance, professional liability insurance and allied healthcare professional liability insurance for nurses and similar, medical malpractice does not cover intentional or criminal acts.
  • Management Liability Insurance- This covers the management of the company, the directors, managers and officers from exposure during financial management related activities.
  • Product Liability Insurance- a must have for the producers of goods, especially those for home use.
The Benefits of a Body-Borneman Professional Liability Policy

With our wealth of partners, we at Body-Borneman can tailor a specific policy to suit your professional needs. Professionals are right to be wary of the heavy punitive damages meted out by judgements in the past, and that’s why adequate professional liability insurance is a must. We offer our expert Risk Assessment Tool, free of charge, to start lowering your employee risk and costs, raise your company’s regulatory compliance and enhance your budget. As a professional, you need to be adequately covered against disgruntled clients who might file frivolous suits.

Why Body-Borneman Insurance Policies?

In the business world, we can never tell what’s going to happen next, one minute we could be riding the wave of profitability and prosperity and the next minute a disastrous lawsuit wipes out years or hard work and layers on further years of hard work. Professionals need to be adequately covered from all angles, against financial ruin and we at Body-Borneman are here to assist in the noble endeavour. We have a wide range of partner agencies, four (4) locations for ease of access and a full complement of insurance agents waiting to hear from you. Professionals will find that they sleep easier, business contacts and functions become easier and clients are satisfied when a Body-Borneman professional liability insurance policy is in place, so contact us today.