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Personal Lines

As an independent insurance agency, personal lines is an important part of the products

and services we provide to our clients. We have the privilege of servicing over 12,000 personal lines policyholders. Our agency’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of these clients, providing the safety & security that is required to protect their personal possessions and the income flows of their families. The insurance carriers we represent are among the best and share our desire & commitment in servicing your financial needs. These carriers all have A (excellent) ratings by A.M. Best, a sign of financial strength and the ability to pay claims. Our clients can be assured that the carriers we represent are fiscally responsible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients in any claim situation.  Go to the page

Life & Health Insurance

At Body-Borneman, we know that our clients have more than automobiles and homes

to protect. That’s why we organized our life and benefits department back in 1962. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping customers to protect their health, incomes and savings from the risk of financial loss, including: We pride ourselves in the abundance of products and services we have available to meet your insurance needs. We are staffed with professional agents at all 3 of our locations, who can assist you with any insurance need you have .  Go to the page

Commercial Lines

Body-Borneman specializes in Commercial insurance, with over 2,000 clients

Regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, wholesaling, contracting, retailing or service, we can find and tailor a program to match your needs, whether through traditional insurance products – or more creative, self-insurance captive programs As an independent agency, Body-Borneman represents a large assortment of today’s most competitive carriers for many industries. Having ready access to these markets makes us uniquely qualified to tailor to your specifications a package of protection.  Go to the page
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Welcome to Body Borneman Insurance

Welcome and thank you for choosing Body-Borneman for your Life Insurance needs. You will find, as have clients from our over seventeen thousand (17,000) client base have found, that in our fifty four (54) years of operations, we have always put clients needs and care first. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, providing value to our customers, low costs and customer retention is second to none. Established in 1962, our life and benefits department staff of now over forty (40) is well equipped to handle any and all your life insurance needs. We also boast special in-house niche services, providing a dedicated claims department, bond department and the ever valuable risk management department. With 4 locations in the state of Pennsylvania, at 230 E. Schuylkill Rd. Pottstown, at 1389 East Boot Rd. West Chester, at 400 Franklyn Ave. Phoenixville and our main, state-of-the-art head office at 17 E. Philadelphia Ave. Boyertown, we more than adequately cover the state of Philadelphia as well as licensed to operate in numerous other states including Arizona, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, California, Maryland, Alabama, Colorado, Mississippi, New Mexico, Indiana, Texas, North Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois and Massachusetts. We are state leaders in Pennsylvania, serving you with the best in selected Life Insurance policies.

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a select product in the insurance world in that it can be utilized in several ways, needs careful consideration when choosing a package/product/policy and always contains an altruistic element. Broadly speaking, life insurance involves a contract between the insured, yourself, and the insurer, informed clients choose Body-Borneman, where the insurer agrees to pay specified beneficiary/beneficiaries a specified sum of money, referred to as the benefit, upon the death of the insured. The insured agrees to pay a premium, whether through interval payments or a lump sum, to the insurer. Another angle from which to view life insurance would be as a safeguard against the loss of income and possible loss of lifestyle suffered by your loved ones after your passing. Either way, the goal of life insurance, since ancient roman times when the first forms of life insurance were being created, has been to provide financial security for the your survivors after your passing. Life insurance is a contract and as such, terms are specified, with specific exclusions the norm. Common exclusions include suicide, war, fraud and riot. Typically life insurance policy come under two very broad subsets; protection policies, designed to provide a benefit to a designee after a specific event; investment policies, which are life insurance policies designed to also contain an element of savings growth or investment.

Why Should You Get Life Insurance?

Life insurance has emerged as a vital component of the financial world we build for ourselves.

1. First on the list is to protect your family and loved ones in the event of your unforeseen demise. Especially important for young families who depend on the income of only one partner. You want to make sure your loved ones are supported financially if an unfortunate event were to remove your presence from their lives with finality. Young children can be left exposed with the passing of both their parents, burdens to family or state services. With adequate life insurance coverage, your children need not ever be burdened with the label of “burden”.

2. Many people find it important to be able to leave behind some form of inheritance for their children/loved ones. Life insurance is the ideal facilitator of this goal. In keeping with the thoughts of your children, this is a fantastic way to help them gain a settled and secure financial future. In today’s world, financial stability is a pillar of success and you can guarantee your children success with adequate life insurance coverage.

3. Life often comes as a cost. We find ourselves acquiring debt and expense alongside the finer things in life. Mortgages, credit card bills and funeral expenses are costs common to most Americans and the questions of how these expenses will be met after your demise are easily answered with adequate life insurance coverage. After your passing, your policy should be able to clear away existing debts while leaving adequate provision for your loved ones. Your loved ones will already be suffering under immense emotional burden, adequate life insurance ensures that they do not suffer from financial burden as well.

4. Life insurance policies, when provisioned correctly, like from the leader in life insurance in Penn. Body-Borneman, provide more than one layer of security and peace-of-mind. Whether you want to ensure your children can go to college, start a business, get married or travel, adequate life insurance will provide the necessary blanket needed to make these goals reality. If you want to ensure that your loved ones are properly looked after in the unfortunate event of an untimely demise, then life insurance is one of the best methods to achieve this aim.

What Type of Life Insurance Is Right For You?

Navigating the world of life insurance can be tricky, that’s why you need to see our customer service agents and any of our four (4) Body-Borneman locations. We have qualified staff and a wide variety of partners and will build you a policy that is just right for your needs and lifestyle. Whether the less expensive, “Term Life” option, which guarantees payout over a specified period, or “Permanent” which guarantees payout in the event of your demise, regardless of period, your first duty is to contact us at Body-Borneman. We usually advise clients to choose permanent insurance, for the added savings/investment benefits. Often these benefits vastly outweigh the higher premium costs of permanent insurance.

Why Body-Borneman is The Insurer for Your Life Needs

When you contact us at Body-Borneman, you open up a world of options and expertise, ready and waiting to give you the best in advice and policy preparation. We pay attention to the fine details, customer needs and wants, cater for all lifestyles and ensure a quality experience every time you interact with us. Our array of partners grants us and by extension, you the client, access to literally thousands of options to build the best policy to suit your lifestyle. We offer not only traditional life insurance but packages including savings planning; investment planning; college planning; health insurance; disability insurance, both group and single; dental and vision insurance, both group and single, retirement planning and estate planning. Critical as you get older is elderly care and we also offer packages that cover that type of expense as well. All you need to do is contact us at Body-Borneman, at any of our locations, we are waiting to serve you.