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As an independent insurance agency, personal lines is an important part of the products

and services we provide to our clients. We have the privilege of servicing over 12,000 personal lines policyholders. Our agency’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of these clients, providing the safety & security that is required to protect their personal possessions and the income flows of their families. The insurance carriers we represent are among the best and share our desire & commitment in servicing your financial needs. These carriers all have A (excellent) ratings by A.M. Best, a sign of financial strength and the ability to pay claims. Our clients can be assured that the carriers we represent are fiscally responsible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients in any claim situation.  Go to the page

Life & Health Insurance

At Body-Borneman, we know that our clients have more than automobiles and homes

to protect. That’s why we organized our life and benefits department back in 1962. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping customers to protect their health, incomes and savings from the risk of financial loss, including: We pride ourselves in the abundance of products and services we have available to meet your insurance needs. We are staffed with professional agents at all 3 of our locations, who can assist you with any insurance need you have .  Go to the page

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Body-Borneman specializes in Commercial insurance, with over 2,000 clients

Regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, wholesaling, contracting, retailing or service, we can find and tailor a program to match your needs, whether through traditional insurance products – or more creative, self-insurance captive programs As an independent agency, Body-Borneman represents a large assortment of today’s most competitive carriers for many industries. Having ready access to these markets makes us uniquely qualified to tailor to your specifications a package of protection.  Go to the page
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Welcome to Body Borneman Insurance

Body Borneman’s Life Insurance Policy-Financial Security A Must!!


Every individual has a responsibility to provide themselves with food, clothing, shelter and those priorities that add up to life. Yes!! Life!! Life is very precious but the moment it is lost through death, family members are left behind to grieve. However, the biggest challenge is funeral and burial expenses. Bills left behind also need to be paid to clear all outstanding debts. Hence, the family definitely needs to overcome the loss of a cherished and dear loved one and heal emotionally, with a good peace of mind. In light of this, life insurance should be a priority in every family member’s financial budget, in order to provide coverage for the entire family in these tough times.


Body Borneman Insurance offers Life Insurance which caters for funeral and burial costs. Since their inception in the state of Pennsylvania from 1962, their first and foremost aim is to provide insurance coverage to their clients, along with the great advantages and options from which to choose. They have diligently served over 17,000 clients with unsurpassed dedication and hard work. They seek to promote a quality service and are always readily available to treat customers with a friendly disposition, in the event a loved one passes or has a terminal illness.


Body Borneman offers Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance. Permanent Life Insurance is viewed as being the easiest, yet more expensive policy to opt for than Term Life Insurance. This is because the Permanent Life Insurance is active throughout one’s entire life to the point of death and is paid out to the family, when a family member dies. The Term Life Insurance, on the other hand, allows a person to have death benefits for a specific time period, such as 10 or 20 years. To add to this, one can consider Group or Individual Life Insurance.


As a result of death or illness which may occur in the family, every individual needs to keep these advantages resonating in the mind, as they seek to obtain a life insurance policy plan from Body Borneman:

  • A peace of mind:

Nothing is more difficult than to lose a loved one. Once the family decides to get the coverage that they need, they are guaranteed protection for this type of unexpected and sudden burial expense.

  • Debts and other expenses paid off:

With today’s financial constraints which can pose a problem to easing the family’s expenses, life insurance is a way of paying off debts such as a loan, mortgage, credit card payments, even funeral and burial costs. Get the coverage you and your family need, so in the event of death, they are left with finances to pay off every outstanding expense.

  • An inheritance:

Children and spouse can be placed as beneficiaries when there is a life policy coverage set in place, once a member dies. This can allow the spouse and kids to have a solid financial future to take cater of their life’s obligations for the future.

  • More financial security:

There are families in this world with young children and adults who need to have their needs met. Parents must consider their children’s future education and how this will be taken care of. Perhaps, preparing for marriage or setting up a business one day, is part of life’s moments. Once there is a life insurance policy in effect, these finances can provide greater security to the family, especially the children who are left behind.

  • Protection for loved ones and the family:

When the breadwinner of the family passes away and leaves the lone spouse to care for the children and for self, a life insurance coverage must be a priority. This is certainly sure especially if the grieving ones depend on that breadwinner for financial support. Take time to select the product that is right for you and the family.


Contrary to some popular belief, Life insurance may not be needed for an extended period of time, especially after the children’s education has been fully paid for or even when a mortgage has finally been paid off. Although this is true, a spouse will still be faced with everyday living expenses to take care of the home and any other goals which they may have. Even if years of insurance premiums are being paid, death does not tell when it will happen or to whom it will happen to. It is best to have a guaranteed life insurance throughout one’s years whether the need for it seems minimal at the time. Remember, it is not only to pay off the bills, but to give the family a secured future and to pay the cost of the untimely funeral costs.


Gaining an inheritance from a loved one is a something which the whole family needs to plan for. Outstanding debts, burial costs, the family’s future and stability are all left behind. Body Borneman’s staff offer every customer the relief they need by taking the family through their policies and providing the best advice, to suit each financial budget. As previously stated, Permanent Life Insurance is the easiest plan to provide security for one’s entire life. Moreover, when the plan is active, upon death or illness, the rest of the family can feel safe in knowing that their financial status will not be unstable. The children’s future needs such as college education or business plans depend on that life coverage. Hope for the best!! The grieving process is not easy, but with the help of knowledgeable, caring, reliable staff, customers are treated in a very special and relaxing way.


Call, email or find the Body Borneman’s office in the state of Pennsylvania. Customer service at its best. Look no further!! Trust them to take care of the finances which are rightfully yours. Any concerns are greatly appreciated and will be handled with the due consideration and respect. Additionally, their website offers a life quote application form in order to get a free quote on their life plan policy. They will respond quickly, to avoid any long waiting period. Feel free to contact them at a suitable time, to gain the financial freedom for the loved ones. The selected plan determined by any customer will fit the budget to cater to the uncertainties of life’s difficult moments. Do not hesitate. If in doubt, no problem!!! Just think of the spouse and children who will have no choice but to feel the pain, when death or illness comes about. Do what is right for them, now and in the future. Think of their needs and their means of survival, as the life security will help to ease their burdens as time passes by.