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As an independent insurance agency, personal lines is an important part of the products

and services we provide to our clients. We have the privilege of servicing over 12,000 personal lines policyholders. Our agency’s goal is to develop long-term relationships with all of these clients, providing the safety & security that is required to protect their personal possessions and the income flows of their families. The insurance carriers we represent are among the best and share our desire & commitment in servicing your financial needs. These carriers all have A (excellent) ratings by A.M. Best, a sign of financial strength and the ability to pay claims. Our clients can be assured that the carriers we represent are fiscally responsible and highly responsive to the needs of our clients in any claim situation.  Go to the page

Life & Health Insurance

At Body-Borneman, we know that our clients have more than automobiles and homes

to protect. That’s why we organized our life and benefits department back in 1962. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping customers to protect their health, incomes and savings from the risk of financial loss, including: We pride ourselves in the abundance of products and services we have available to meet your insurance needs. We are staffed with professional agents at all 3 of our locations, who can assist you with any insurance need you have .  Go to the page

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Body-Borneman specializes in Commercial insurance, with over 2,000 clients

Regardless of whether your business is manufacturing, wholesaling, contracting, retailing or service, we can find and tailor a program to match your needs, whether through traditional insurance products – or more creative, self-insurance captive programs As an independent agency, Body-Borneman represents a large assortment of today’s most competitive carriers for many industries. Having ready access to these markets makes us uniquely qualified to tailor to your specifications a package of protection.  Go to the page
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Body-Borneman’s Life Insurance and Rates

Every day we live life and want to make the most out of it. We spend time with family, work hard, engage in social activities, make the best of our education and so on. Most importantly, we try as much as possible, even in these harsh economic times, to save and to make a good future for ourselves and our immediate family. It may not always be an easy financial road to walk, and there are sure to be many uncertainties and obligations which come our way. Death, children’s education, business needs, loans, bills, you name it. No one knows when death will occur. However, whether you are prepared or not, funeral expenses must be paid. As the job market becomes more and more competitive, an expensive college education becomes almost essential. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness or being injured from a terrible fall in the workplace is not something that we bargain for, and yet it happens to someone every day.  Even when life events try to get in the way, the mortgage and other bills must be paid in order to enjoy the comforts of our home or lifestyle. Insurance can help us to remain financially comfortable during a stressful life event. Insurance from Body-Borneman.


Body-Borneman is an insurance company located in the state of Pennsylvania. Since our inception in 1962 and beyond, our staff has been well equipped to handle any and all of any individual’s life insurance needs. Having served over 17, 000 customers, you can be assured that Body-Borneman agents are dedicated, dependable, and trustworthy. We provide accurate quotes to suit every life insurance need. In the event that you may want to enroll in another company, our Body-Borneman agents are able to compare our services and rates with other companies and give you sound advice to match what you require. Our staff at Body-Borneman is willing to go the extra mile to make each and every person happy and satisfied. We work assiduously to offer value to our customers, low costs and maintain customer retention, which is second to none. We are proud to be the state leaders in Pennsylvania for our industry, serving every one with the best in a preferred life insurance policy.


Life insurance is a contract of financial security that the insurer pays in the form of a sum of money, either on the death of the insured person to the relevant beneficiaries or after a set period. The policy holder as the insured person, agrees to pay a premium, whether through interval payments or a lump sum to the insurance company. By actively paying the premium, in the event of death or after a set period, the funds are then paid out to the surviving beneficiaries. This enables the policy holder to obtain an unparalled level of peace of mind. The immediate loved ones are then able to easily take care of various expenses and to survive throughout life, upon the policy holder’s untimely death. This enables the lone spouse to benefit tremendously, especially if this spouse is unemployed or dependent on the policy holder. Having life insurance is a good way of being financially protected long term. Mourning the death of a loved one is never easy, and it should never be made more challenging by also dealing with financial distress. Providing for your family, leaving a substantial inheritance for your children, and investing for retirement are some of the reasons and more, to have life insurance.


There are many types of life insurance policies to choose from. Sadly, not all insurance companies are trustworthy or dependable when it comes to dispersing claims or providing the best rates. At some point in time, many people feel the pressure or regret their decision, when it comes to enrolling in a company. It is wise to visit various companies, compare rates, and ask each company many questions, to find the one which will best suit your needs and the needs of your family. Money is not always easy to come by, hence the reason one should invest in an insurance company which would do the utmost to provide quality and professional service. Body-Borneman is able to offer both term and whole life insurance policies. It is also a good idea to think beyond life insurance in terms of your family’s financial future. We are able to offer health insurance to help you take care of your well-being or cope with an extended stay in the hospital. In addition to protecting ourselves, we also need to think about protecting our home. Flood insurance is one way to ensure that your home is protected from natural disasters. Our handy insurance quote forms will get you started in the process of securing the best financial future for you and your family. Read on below for a sample of services we offer, and also feel free to explore our website for additional information.



  1. Term life insurance-

If you are looking for low life insurance rates, this is a very popular and inexpensive type of life insurance to purchase. Term life insurance is usually bought in increments of 10, 20 or 30 years. It is considered to be more of a focused form of protection offered at a fixed rate of payment. Having this type of financial support in place for funeral expenses and payment of outstanding debts, among other things, can help bring financial relief to your grieving family members. After the term expires, coverage at the previous rate of premiums is no longer guaranteed and the policy holder can choose to either stop the coverage, or to obtain further coverage with different payments and/or conditions. It is necessary that the policy holder keeps up to date with the premiums to be paid. This will ensure that the beneficiary receives financial support to take care of the family and to cover any outstanding bills. There are many types of term life insurance. It is advisable to ask an agent about each type so that you can opt for the one that is right for you.


  1. Whole Life Insurance-

Whole life insurance provides coverage for the policy holder though his or her entire life span. It is therefore a guaranteed insurance policy. The policy holder usually pays the premiums until death, except for limited pay policies which may be paid-up in 10 years or 20 years. If the policy holder allows the coverage to lapse, this can become costly over the passage of time. In order for this not to occur, a premium, which is a specified amount to be paid monthly or yearly to be paid for the plan, needs to be paid on a continuous basis up to the time of  death. As long as the premiums are being consistently paid on time, the policy never increases. So until the day of death, the policy holder will be paying a set premium which will simply accrue the cash value for your family. Whole life insurance usually is a part of the cash value category of life insurance, meaning that it is the cash amount offered to the policy owner by the issuing life carrier upon cancellation of the contract. It reflects the reserves necessary to assure payment of the guaranteed death benefit. A whole life insurance policy can also serve as a savings account. The policy holder who purchased the life insurance can borrow money from the cash value. Of course, like any other loan, interest will be added to the amount borrowed. At times, the loan can be covered by the death benefit of the whole life policy after the purchaser dies. A substantial amount of the money which the policy owner pays to his or her life insurance is paid out in cash value after he or she dies. As a matter of choice, the policy holder may surrender a whole life policy for its cash value. It should also be taken into consideration that the holder will receive an actual amount, which will depend on whether or not there are any outstanding loans or unpaid premiums that can be deducted from the cash value.


Apart from choosing the best life insurance policy which is right for you and your loved ones, the life insurance rates are a significant factor for you to consider. In most cases, your premium may vary tremendously. Different companies are able to offer different life insurance rates. The rates will depend on the type of coverage you need. It is your business to find the right one from the right company which will adequately suit your budget and needs. Some things to note when trying to find out the most appropriate rate:


  • Term life insurance provides financial coverage to a policy owner on a temporary basis. This is the most inexpensive type of life insurance coverage seeing as it can be purchased to cover a person for 10, 20 or 30 years. Although the lower life insurance rate makes it a more preferred type of insurance, it may not be the best solution for every individual.
  • Whole life insurance is a permanent coverage. This type of coverage lasts until the end of the person’s life span. It will have a small cash value and will help to cover funeral expenses in the future. While this option is a little more expensive, it could be the most beneficial for your family in time to come.
  • Universal life insurance is also a permanent coverage. This is the most expensive option when choosing between life insurance rates, but it allows for a larger cash value.
  • Group life insurance is what is usually found provided by your place of employment. This is a temporary solution that may only last while you remain employed with that company.


It is important to note that there are certain factors that a company will consider when assigning your life insurance rate:


  • A younger person will be more likely to pay a lower rate than an older person. In essence, life insurance rates increase as you age.
  • One’s state of health is also a factor for an insurance company. Companies generally want to know if you are a smoker or if you have a chronic illness.


The sooner you decide to purchase life insurance, the better. As you get older your life insurance rate will increase. Whether or not you may leave behind outstanding bills to pay, or funeral expenses to be covered by the family, life insurance is a very vital asset to have. Apart from these obligations, the financial coverage can last for many years to a lifetime, so that the family can have a sound future with this financial support. Be sure to choose the most manageable rate for you to ensure that you are able to pay your premiums on a continuous basis. Remember to compare rates as much as possible, so that you know your family will be well set for the future without paying unnecessary costs today.


  1. Health insurance-

Although we do much in our power to be in good health, expecting the unexpected can be quite a challenge. Cancer, infection, falls, accidents and more are just some of the health issues many of us are forced to experience in our lives. These days, medical insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance plans around the world. Whether it is group or individual health insurance, health insurance provides adequate health coverage in the event of untimely injury or illness.


  1. Flood Insurance-

With the many natural disasters that exist, it would be wise to make it a priority to invest in insurance. People who are most vulnerable to flood prone zones should enroll in flood insurance. Flood insurance provides specific insurance coverage against property loss from flooding. It is important to note that the policy plans provide coverage for buildings and contents. There is no need to worry about what was lost during the flooding. It can all be reimbursed financially, once you have a flood insurance plan in place.

Choosing Body-Borneman

With all of this information in mind, our staff at Body-Borneman will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with a vast amount of information on our rates for each or a specific insurance policy that you may be interested in. Contact us by phone, visit our office in Pennsylvania or send us an email to find out about our low rates. You can also fill out one of our quote forms and an agent will contact you. We have worked extensively with many different reputable companies that offer life insurance policies. We are also able to negotiate with other insurance companies if the need arises. Work with Body-Borneman as we will effectively go all out to give you the best advice and information to make you and your family happy. This financial decision can indeed have monumental consequences, but with Body-Borneman’s knowledgeable and friendly staff, your search will be easier than you think. Think of strong financial support. Think of the best. Think of Body-Borneman.