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Motorcycle Insurance

This aspect of insurance is meant for the coverage of perhaps one of life’s most thrilling form of enjoyment and transportation. To many, if not all owners of these two wheeled powerhouses, motorcycles are seen as somewhat part of the family and this is one of a few reasons why Motorcycle insurance is a necessity.


It is no secret that owning these vehicles is risky business because unlike other vehicles like cars, minivans, buses or any of the four wheeled types of vehicles, the smallest accident could result in painful consequences, not only on the body but on the wallet as well. It is also common knowledge that motorcycles are extremely prone to scrapes and or major damage that will most certainly require expensive repair works. This is where Motorcycle Insurance comes in handy and luckily with the help of Body Borneman Insurance and their four Pennsylvania locations, you will get just the right coverage for any state that one might find themselves in.


Motorcycle Insurance steps in to provide the financial security needed to protect vehicle owners in cases of damage as a result of accidents, vandalism or otherwise, theft and loss. This form of insurance also includes coverage in the event that riders are liable or responsible for someone else’s injury, death or property damage.


Selecting the right insurer for you, especially if you are a new rider could be a daunting task, however, with the right guidance and questions, the path could become clear and easy.

Why do I Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Frankly, as thrilling as the experience of owning and riding a motorcycle might be, the risk factors are sky high and those risks range between extremely high monetary costs to one’s own mortality. Motorcycle insurance is available and important for one to not only protect themselves and their bikes but to also protect other people and their property.


With the main fact that bikes are fast and manoeuvre on two wheels, that is enough to tell that they can easily become involved in accidents which would almost certainly result in injuries (especially to the rider), damages to the vehicle as well as damages to the property of other individuals.


Whilst the size, being smaller than most other vehicles has its advantages, there are major disadvantages as well including being too small and difficult for other motorists to see in time thus resulting in collisions, and with bikes not having safety features like seatbelts, airbags and internal crash cages unlike cars and other four wheeled vehicles, sometimes not even helmets and protective riding gear could protect one from serious injury. In such cases, expenses pile up rapidly and this is where the right insurance steps in to be of service and alleviate these burdens.


Another reason why motorcycle insurance is so important is because these two wheeled vehicles are easy to steal, strip, rebuild and sell making them especially susceptible to theft.


These are just some of the main reasons why it is important to purchase motorcycle insurance and to ensure that you and your bike are covered.

Where Do I Get Started?

Although policies could be customized to suit one’s needs and preferences, there is a basic policy that will cover the most common and obvious aspects of owning a motorcycle including adequate compensation towards persons or property that you may have caused harm to.


It is important to know that you must always find the right balance of protecting oneself versus what you can afford when choosing motorcycle insurance and what you might want it to cover.


As mentioned above, if this basic policy does not suit you, one could be customised and created just for you:


  • Coverage that would compensate for the full cost of replacement of your bike in the case of a total wreckage.
  • Comprehensive coverage which pays for loss or damage in the cases unrelated to accidents for example forces of nature, theft and vandalism.
  • Medical coverage is made available in the cases where hospitalization and or medical care is needed.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage which provides compensation to you in the case of an accident with another vehicle and the other driver is at fault but is not or inadequately insured to pay for the damages caused to your vehicle.

What Amount of Insurance Do I Need?

Insurance seekers need to firstly find out the amount of insurance that they need which heavily depends on the type of bike that they own and the amount of time spent riding it. Motorcycles coverage is for vehicles ranging anywhere between “choppers”, street bikes, mopeds and even Segways.


Insurers look at the risk factor and so the riskier the vehicle with examples like racing bikes, the more expensive the coverage will be. This is simply because of the fact that faster and more powerful bikes are driven faster by their riders and pose greater risks to themselves and others for serious injuries.


The same applies for bikers who ride for fun sports for example dirt bike racing, there is a high risk of damage to the vehicle, property and equipment as well as injury to riders and other persons involved therefore, the coverage will be costlier.


These coverage plans are usually coupled with costlier liability insurance.

What do Insurers Look For?

It is advisable that sufficient time is taken to shop around for the best insurer and coverage. With this type of insurance, the amount one pays vary according to a number of factors including what state they live in, riding experience, having a clean driving record, vehicle price, gender and of course age to name a few.


With Body-Borneman Insurance’s coverage Pennsylvania, one could be spoiled for choice with second to none rates and choices that are sure to suit you. Body-Borneman Insurance boasts only the most professional licensed agents who work hard to find which insurance is best suited to each individual rider at the lowest premium.


This insurer works with numerous highly reputable insurance companies and can guarantee a stress and hassle free service through skilled negotiators who go all out research, map out and locate the best rates and coverage for clients.